All the Charts You Will Find on the Stock Analysis Page, and How to Use Them in Your Investing Strategy 

The TipRanks Stock Analysis Page shows various charts that can assist you in selecting stocks. As explained in the section above, the Stock Chart & Stats section displays all the important share-related data and financial metrics of the stock’s past, present, and future performance.   

Further, the Stock Smart Score chart shows the TipRanks Smart Score for the stock, which is derived from the 8 key market factors of a stock. Plus, the Smart Score chart shows you how the stock is performing according to each of the eight different components of the score. A score between 8 to 10 implies a higher potential to outperform market expectations and thus an apt choice to add to your portfolio. On the other hand, a score between 1 to 3 implies a higher probability of underperforming the market and hence a wise decision to exit the stock.  

As you scroll down, you will find the stock’s News section. You will find the headlines of all the latest news on the stock. Click on any headline to read the full article.  

Besides the news section, you will find the basic Company Description including its Business Model, Sector and Industry focus, name of the company’s CEO, number of Employees, the corporate Website address, the ISIN number, and the company’s corporate headquarters Address. 

Further below, you will see six other sections. One displays the list of the Top 5 ETFs holding the stock. You will see the Name of the ETF, its Market Value, and the ETF’s Smart Score on the table.   

Next, you will see a section on the Financials of the stock. Here, you can see important line items from the Income Statement namely, Revenue, Earnings, and Profit Margin plotted on a graph for various time periods. You can click on the Balance Sheet tab to view the Assets, Liabilities, and Debt to Assets ratio plotted on a graph. And lastly, you can view the cash flow generated by the Operating, Investing, and Financing activities plotted on a graph for different time periods on the Cash Flow tab. For all these tabs, you can switch between the Annual and Quarterly time frames. 

Additionally, you can study the stock’s historical earnings beat/miss performance, on the Forecast EPS vs Actual EPS graph for six quarters. The graph gives information on the EPS Estimate, earnings Beats, and earnings Misses.    

Further down on the page, you will see three small charts. One will show you the stock’s Main Risk Category, which can be studied further by going to the stocks’ Risk Analysis page. Next, you will see data on the Product Monthly Users (number of people who visit the stock’s website), which is linked to the stock’s Website Traffic page. And a third chart shows you a list of Similar Stocks, with the Company name, the Price & Change for one day, and the option to Follow