How to Access and Interpret Bloggers’ Opinions on TipRanks

There are plenty of seasoned professionals with a proven track record who can help inform your investment decisions. And while financial bloggers may not attract the same attention as Wall Street analysts, they are a powerful source of information, with their provision of independent stock research. TipRanks accumulates blogger opinions and presents them in an easily understandable, data-based format, to help you make informed decisions. 

To access the Blogger Opinion page on TipRanks, first open a stock’s page for which you want to see the blogger’s sentiment. On the navigation bar on the left, you will see the Blogger Opinion tab. Click on the tab to open the page.  

Right on top of the page, you will see Blogger Sentiment and Blogger Article Distribution. The Blogger Sentiment is presented as Bullish, Neutral, or Bearish. The sentiment is calculated based on all the blogger opinions given for a particular stock as compared to the overall sector, often referred to as a comparison with the sector’s sentiment. So, if a stock has an 80% Bullish Sentiment and the sector has an average sentiment of 75%, you can say that blogger sentiment for the stock is More Bullish than other stocks in the sector and hence may be a stock to consider. 

Meanwhile, the Blogger Article Distribution chart shows the percentage-wise distribution of blogger articles on each stock amongst the main online financial blogging platforms. 

Below this, you will find the latest views from bloggers under the Top Blogger Bearish Predictions and Top Blogger Bullish Predictions lists. It is important to note that the views of top bloggers only are included in this list. Briefly, from the headlines, you can often see why a particular blogger is bearish or bullish on the stock. To learn more about the full view of the blogger, click on the news link. Furthermore, you will find the consolidated table comprising the latest opinions of all bloggers on the stock, which you can utilize to make an informed investment decision.  

How to Use the Top 100 Bloggers Page in Your Investment Strategy

Millions of investors visit financial blogs every month – and use blogger predictions to make crucial investment decisions. But often these decisions are based on the recommendations of bloggers about whom they know very little. TipRanks goes one step forward, giving you details about the blogger’s profile, as well as ranking these bloggers based on three broad criteria, thus making it easier for investors to choose whom to trust. In addition to performing in-depth research and making timely stock picks, you can build your investment strategy based on the recommendations of the Top 100 Bloggers listed on TipRanks.  

See an overview of the top bloggers from leading financial blogs and find out which top stocks they are recommending right now. Please note that the list of top bloggers is dynamic, as it is updated daily. 

To see the top 100 bloggers on TipRanks, go to ExpertsTop Financial Bloggers. When you open a blogger’s page, you will find their overall profitable transactions, defined as Success Rate. Plus, you will see the consolidated Average Return per transaction earned on all their views. By default, TipRanks shows you the average return earned in the past month, compared with No Benchmark. You may choose to see the average returns for any Period, namely 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year, or 2 Years, while also comparing the returns with the overall Sector or the S&P 500 (SPX) index.   

Additionally, you will find the information on all the stocks for which the blogger has given their views, along with the most recent Date of the blog, their Position on the stock (bullish/bearish view), total No. of Ratings given on the stock, Success Rate on the rating, and the Avg. Return earned on the stock.    

Just as with other Experts on the TipRanks database, Bloggers are ranked according to their: 

Success rate – the number of accurate recommendations, for one year 

Average return – the average return generated for all transactions, for one year 

Statistical significance – experts with more recommendations are ranked higher 

As an investor, you can choose to follow the opinions of only top bloggers who have a proven track record of generating attractive returns on most of their stock recommendations.