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How to Create an Account on TipRanks

To start your investment journey on TipRanks and to avail yourself of the full benefits of all features, start with signing up for the TipRanks platform. On the top right of the TipRanks page, you will see the Login/Join button. For a first-time user, click on the Join button that will take you to the Sign-Up page. Here, you have three options: Sign Up with an existing Google account; Sign Up with an existing Facebook account; OR Sign Up with another personal email account. If you would like to use your Google or Facebook account to sign in, you can do so by inputting the respective passwords and successfully logging in to TipRanks.

To create a login with a personal account, first, add your email ID, and then you need to check the I’m not a robot option. This will show you a small pop-up window that will ask you to verify some images. Once you are verified, you need to go through the terms and conditions page of using the TipRanks portal and then check the box which reads, “I agree to TipRanks’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.”

After this step, click the CONFIRM button, which brings you to select a password for your new TipRanks account. After you add a password, click on JOIN, which will send a confirmation email to the email address that you are using for signing in. When you open your email, you will see a confirmation email to click on, and voila, you have become a member of the TipRanks Community. After this step, you can go back to the TipRanks main page and LOGIN with your email account and password.

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