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What is the Smart Investor Model Portfolio?

TipRanks’ Smart Investor Model Portfolio is a conservative, diversified portfolio of 25-35 stocks for the medium- to long-term (12+ months) investment period.

The Model Portfolio harnesses TipRanks’ exclusive Smart Score rating system. Using TipRanks’ top-notch comprehensive datasets, we hand-pick quality companies from the list of the highest-rated Smart Score stocks, with a focus on those that align with the Smart Investor Portfolio strategy.

How do I get the picks?

TipRanks’ Smart Investor Newsletter is sent weekly (every Wednesday at 8 AM EST) to help you track macro-economic, market-wide and company-specific trends that affect your Smart Investor Portfolio holdings. The Newsletter also conveys our views about which changes to the Model Portfolio we find necessary, based on TipRanks’ exclusive data and research. The Smart Investor Newsletter’s purpose is to funnel TipRanks’ knowledge into your investing success.

As a member, you will also have access to the newsletter archive, allowing you to track and revisit every past analysis published.

How do I know if the Smart Investor Strategy is right for me?

The Smart Investor service is designed for investors who want to focus on the stocks of stable, market-leading companies with strong fundamentals and great management and to hold these stocks for the medium- to long-term. We believe that the path to long-term financial success is best described by the classic fable of the tortoise and the hare, where the moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.” The Smart Investor service doesn’t promise a path to overnight riches, but helps you build a portfolio of stocks with strong long-term upside potential and lower-than- average volatility.

What that means for the Smart Investor is that we are using data and stock selection methods that give an edge to the investor. That edge may not be apparent in every single stock every single month, but these proven methods will show their benefit over time (as demonstrated by the long-term outperformance of our Smart Score algorithm over the market).

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The Smart Investor Model Portfolio is diversified across all economic sectors as well as all geographies – however, since its goal is to offer solid long-term investing ideas, the Smart Investor stocks are chosen from the Developed Markets equity universe. For the same reason, the Model Portfolio is skewed towards large- and mid-cap stocks.We choose stocks with low to medium Beta, placing the emphasis on stable performance, to anchor your portfolio even in the most volatile markets. Our goal is to have a diversified collection of 25-35 stocks that have great long-term potential. By long term we mean that stocks are selected for their attractiveness over the next 12+ months.

Our analysis starts with the Smart Score, which is a proprietary quantitative stock scoring system created by TipRanks (https://www.tipranks.com/glossary/s/smart-score). Choosing the best-rated Smart Score stocks, we then utilize the vast and unique TipRanks datasets to filter for future upside. Smart Investor considers companies’ financial health, emphasizing strong and stable fundamentals such as profitability, solvency, cash balance, etc. We also factor the stocks’ relative valuation into the Portfolio construction strategy, as overvalued stocks often have less room for upside than their peers.The Smart Investor Model Portfolio offers investors a list of financially sound companies that provide an opportunity for a solid return on investment.

We remove companies from the Smart Investor Model Portfolio when our data indicates that the potential for their stocks’ upside has diminished. If the company’s Smart Score has fallen below 7, it will be a likely candidate for deletion.  However, we also consider several other factors, such as relative valuation, Analyst price targets, changes in Analyst ratings, earnings announcements and outlooks, Insider trades, and News signals. As we strive to maintain a diversified and balanced portfolio, the deletion and replacement process also takes into account the companies’ size and industry.

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