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This Is Why Users Love TipRanks

Personal message from our CEO,

Uri Gruenbaum

I started TipRanks 10 years ago after receiving bad investment advice. Following that experience and a capital loss, I realized there was no accountability or transparency on the part of the financial expert who had provided such poor advice.
The more I researched, the more surprised I became about the opaqueness of the world of financial experts.
As a software engineer, I knew there had to be a solution.So my partner and I developed what became the world’s first financial accountability engine.
Our goal was to level the playing field for the everyday investor.
Little did I know that within 10 years, our platform would be used by tens of millions of investors and adopted by the biggest banks and hedge funds around the world.
And now, I want to invite you to join the largest community of investors who make smart and data-driven decisions.

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